The Glossary

Agourelaio: Oil from unripe olives / early harvest olive oil
Alatsoelies: salted olives
Aletrividiaris: oil mill worker
Elaiokarpos: the olive’s fruit
Elaiokomia: olive farming – the scientific cultivation of olives
Olive kernel: the kernel – the seed of the olive
Elaiourgia: the processing of olive oil
Katsigara: the residues/sediment after oil extraction
Kolympades: brine cured olives
Mourga: the residues/sediment after oil extraction
Oka: measure of mass
Acidity: criterion for the quality classification of olive oil. It measures the amount of free fatty oleic acid per 100 gr of fat (acidity level)
Refining: Chemical treatment of olive oil.


Bitter Typical, intense taste of oils from green olives
Full-bodied tactile sensation of density, typical of a high-quality oil
Colour ranging from green to yellow Depending on the area of origin, the process of extraction or ripeness of the fruit, one or the other nuance may be dominant, without affecting the quality of the oil.
Grassy In fruity oils, a note reminiscent of the scent of freshly cut grass.
Floral Pleasant sensation reminiscent of flowers’ penetrating scent.
Fruity The typical taste of a healthy, fresh olive
Woody A sensation reminiscent of the scent of the underwood, it is more frequently found in Umbrian oils.
Almond Typical bittersweet aftertaste reminiscent of this fruit.
Pungent Spicy aftertaste, especially intense in oils rich in antioxidants.


Winey The smell of oils from poorly stored olives, in which sugars have fermented forming alcohol or vinegar.
Mouldy Similar to the smell of mouldy bread, it is often found in oils from olives stored in warm, humid environments.
Rancid Typical smell of deteriorated fat, such as yellowed (rotten) ham.
Red hues They can be found in poorly stored oils, especially those exposed to direct light.
Fusty Smell found in oils from fermented olives, slightly reminiscent of cheese
Earthy This smell can be perceived in oils from olives picked from the ground; it is reminiscent of the smell of air after the rain.
Greasy Tactile aftertaste sensation, typical of oils that feel sticky to the palate.